When can I walk on the floors?

Depending on what you have done will determine when you can walk on the floors.  An installed prefinished floor can be walked on immediately but a refinished floor with an oil base polyurethane will take hours (even up to 24) to dry.  Our professionals will inform you about your specific job.

Can I live in the house when the work is being done?

Most people do not need to move out while the work is being done but depending on the scope of work, people and pets may benefit from a day or so away.

Will there be dust?

We use top of the line commercial equipment and take great care in protecting your home but some dust is unavoidable, even with the best of machines. 

Will it smell?

Some people are more sensitive than others to odors and yes you will notice a smell, some stronger than others.  

I want to paint so should I do this first?

Depending on your schedule you can paint before or after.  If you have painted baseboards they may need to be touched up after the job. 

What do I clean my floors with?

There are professional floor cleaners made specifically for wood floors.  Do not use oil soap products or anything that promises you an instant shine.  These will cause problems if you just need a maintenance coat in the future.