What to expect

There are many steps involved with making your floors look beautiful.  But in order for us to do that, we need the room to be free of all items including wall decor.  We do not move furniture or personal belongings. 

Access to a 220 outlet is needed (electric stove or dryer plug).  

Sanding and refinishing may cause an odor that can be irritating or unpleasant.  Avoiding the area is recommended. 

Dust is unavoidable but we take special care in protecting your home by using modern equipment, tape and tarps. 

The sanding and finishing process takes approximately 3 days for most jobs.  

This can vary depending on your floors and even weather conditions like heat and humidity.  Add at least one extra day if stain is being used.

Wood is a natural product and the grain and color will vary.  New wood (even the same species) will not match old wood perfectly.  Sanding and refinishing of an existing wood floor may also change the appearance of the wood tone.